Our Mission

We are committed to making a positive impact on the health and well being of children. We will achieve this by offering activity programs which are innovative, inclusive and suitable for children of ages and ability levels. Our unique concept will inspire children to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

At iKIDS its all about FUN!

We want to make exercise for children fun so they can develop a healthy attitude towards exercise from a young age. This is why our activities are all designed to be motivational and engaging. The principle idea behind iKIDS is a simple but effective one, make it fun and you will not only get a higher level of participation, but the children will also get more out of it.

About Me

Hi, my name is Aidan McCarthy. I live in Glanmire Co.Cork with my wife and our three children. I am a qualified Health & Fitness Instructor (CEHF) and registered Physical Therapist (IIPT). I have been active in some form of sport for as long as I can remember, from GAA and Soccer earlier in life to running and cycling more recently.

I have always had an interest in sport and leisure activities and while researching the prospect of opening my own Gym I came accross the world of exergaming and kids fitness. As a parent myself I saw the potential straight away, the more I researched the concept the more I realised how it could be of real benefit to the upcoming generation. From then on I was hooked and wanted to bring exergaming and kids fitness to Cork.

I travelled to Holland, Northern Ireland and the UK to view exergaming and kids fitness equipement in action and saw how much the children loved it. I selected equipment that would be most suitable to deliver a progressive exercise program for children, whilst also making it a fun and entertaining experience. There is a saying in exergaming, Stealth Health, meaning you can improve your health without even realising it just by having fun.

Dance Mats     -  Exercise to music / Aerobics 

Cardio Wall      - Circuit training / Speed & Agility

Climbing wall    - Strength Development / Hand eye coordination

Hydraulic Gym - Strength / Cardiovascular

The key element is to make it fun, this is the best motivator for children. I thank you for taking the time to read this page and hope to see you soon.

Aidan McCarthy 




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