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Want to get the kids off the couch?

If so, then iKIDS have the solution for you

At iKIDS Fun & Fitness we have fun multiactivity exercise classes that are designed to get kids up and active. We use both modern interactive technology and kids gym equipment to create a unique exercise experience for children. Our classes are safe and suitable for both boys and girls age 5 - 12 years. Our Instructors lead and supervise the class ensuring everyone is involved and having fun. We follow a structure designed to improve childrens fitness while making it such fun that kids just want to keep coming back for more. Its a concept we like to call 'Stealth Health'. 


Class Structure

1. Warm Up Games    Gently raise heart rate and body temperature in preparation for exercise

2. Kids Gym Circuit      Developing Muscular Strength & Endurance has never been more fun!

3. Interactive Games  Dance Mats  / CardioWall / Interactive Climbing Wall / Virtual Cycling

4. Team Games          Soccer / Dodgeball / Basketball / Volleyball / Badmington / Hockey 

5. Free Play               Time to play with friends, Trampolines, Skipping Ropes , Tag Games..etc


Class Times : Tue / Wed / Thur 5:30 - 7:00


Class Price

€8 / 1.5hr class, 10 classes €70

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